Faculty & Staff



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Position Staff Email Address
Kindergarten Mrs. Chris Brant
Kindergarten Mrs. Arlene Cronin
First Grade Ms. Erin Enright 
First Grade Mrs. Lori Carter 
Second Grade Mrs. Jaqueline Ham
Second Grade Ms. Bonnie Thaden
Third Grade  Ms. Brittany King
Third Grade Ms. Johanna Gourley 
Fourth Grade  Mr. David Freeman 
Fourth Grade Ms. Megan Rykowski 
Fifth Grade Ms. Melissa Clark  

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Christine Baluha

Middle School Math

Ms. Maria Litherland 
Sixth Grade  Mrs. Rachel Gribbin
Sixth Grade Ms. Elise Tessier 
Seventh Grade  Ms. Chantiel Awkard
Seventh Grade  Ms. Amanda Ferrell  
Eighth Grade  Mrs. Paula Lattanzi
Eighth Grade  Mrs. Amanda Goco  
Dir. of Ed Psychology Dr. Carolyn Colon
Resource Teacher  Mrs. Debbie Loeffler  
Resource Teacher  Mrs. Toni Douglas  
Media Specialist  Mrs. Mary Stafford  
Music  Mrs. Joanna Chiarella 
Technology Coordinator  Ms. Kasey Hunter  
Physical Education  Mrs. Monica Moyer  
Art   Mrs. Ashliegh Kling   
Spanish Ms. Violetta Howard  
Kindergarten ParaProfessional  Mrs. Mary Anne Wellford  
ParaProfessional  Mrs. Terry Kappra  
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Theresa Emory   
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Jane Stack  
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Trish Crowley 
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Jackie Means  
ParaProfessional   Ms. Stefanie Miles
Kindergarten ParaProfessional   Mrs. Nan Rollins 
Registered Nurse  Mrs. Ruth Rogers