Faculty & Staff



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Position Staff Email Address
Kindergarten Mrs. Chris Brant  cbrant@stmaryofthemills.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Arlene Cronin acronin@stmaryofthemills.org
First Grade Ms. Alexis Prada aprada@stmaryofthemills.org
First Grade Mrs. Lori Carter  lcarter@stmaryofthemills.org 
Second Grade Mrs. Joanna Chiarella  jchiarella@stmaryofthemills.org
Second Grade Mrs. Kasey Vazquez kvazquez@stmaryofthemills.org
Third Grade Ms. Tiffany Moore  tmoore@stmaryofthemills.org 
Fourth Grade  Mr. David Freeman  dfreeman@stmaryofthemills.org 
Fourth Grade Mrs. Jaqueline Ham jham@stmaryofthemills.org
Fifth Grade Ms. Melissa Clark mclark@stmaryofthemills.org  

Fifth Grade

Ms. Jayla Nowlin jnowlin@stmaryofthemills.org
Middle School Science Mrs. Kathleen Ruiz kbixler@stmaryofthemills.org 
Middle School Social Studies Mr. Paul Stone pstone@stmaryofthemills.org
Middle School Spanish Mr. Luis Tabares ltabares@stmaryofthemills.org
Middle School Language Arts Mrs. Mary Ellen Gambogi mgambogi@stmaryofthemills.org
Sixth Grade  Ms. Marisstella Vismale  mvismale@stmaryofthemills.org
Eighth Grade  Mrs. Paula Lattanzi plattanzi@stmaryofthemills.org
Eighth Grade  Mrs. Amanda Goco  agoco@stmaryofthemills.org  
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Marsha Raymond mraymond@stmaryofthemills.org
Resource Teacher  Mrs. Debbie Loeffler  dloeffler@stmaryofthemills.org  
Resource Teacher  Mrs. Toni Douglas  tdouglas@stmaryofthemills.org  
Media Specialist  Mrs. Mary Stafford  mstafford@stmaryofthemills.org  
Music  Ms. Lauren Casserly  lcasserly@stmaryofthemills.org 
Technology Teacher Mrs. Amy Pietrowski  apietrowski@stmaryofthemills.org
Physical Education  Mrs. Monica Moyer  mmoyer@stmaryofthemills.org  
Art   Ms. Beth Ann Fusco efusco@stmaryofthemills.org   
Spanish Ms. Violetta Howard vhoward@stmaryofthemills.org  
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Trish Crowley  tcrowley@stmaryofthemills.org 
ParaProfessional   Mrs. Jackie Means  jmeans@stmaryofthemills.org  
ParaProfessional   Ms. Stefanie Miles smiles@stmaryofthemills.org
Kindergarten ParaProfessional   Mrs. Nan Rollins nrollins@stmaryofthemills.org 
Registered Nurse Mrs. Ruth Rogers, RN rrogers@stmaryofthemills.org