Schedule A Tour

Tours are strongly encouraged and are given by appointment.  You are welcome to bring your student(s) with you on the tour so that they can see the great things we are doing at St. Mary's as well. 

Apply Online

All applications are accepted online.  Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Once you have completed your application, you will be contacted by the Director of Enrollment to begin the next steps. All necessary documentation must be submitted online.

Apply Online:

Schedule A Shadow Day

Applicants in grades 1-8 will require a shadow day and an assessment to complete the application process.  Shadow days will be scheduled once the online application is complete.  Shadow days are a great way for your student(s) to meet the other students whom they may potentially be going to school with next year.  They will also get the chance to meet the teachers and Principal and see what a typical day at St. Mary's is truly like.

Final Acceptance / Enrollment

Pending the final results of your student(s) Shadow and Assessment day acceptance will be offered.  A final online process of enrolling your student will take place.  

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