No amount is too small and no act of volunteering or giving of your time is too little.  

Donors, parents, alumni, grandparents, community partners and friends of St. Mary's, we are here as one family, one community of learning and it is in working together and giving generously that we can advance St. Mary's for our most blessed gift, our students.  We have been blessed with this brand new 2018-2019 school year and it is our chance to become a community that works together, plays together and learns together, all while giving all that we can to improving our school and our children’s education.  

There are many ways to support St. Mary's Development activities.  The following are just a few of those ways.  

Help us to bridge the gap between the actual cost of education each child in our building versus what we charge in tuition by giving annually to our "Bridge the Gap Campaign."  If each family, or valued partner of St. Mary's would donate $500 to this campaign each year we would be better equipped to keep up with the ever changing academic and technological advances of surrounding schools.

Grant a scholarship to a child whose family cannot afford the cost of a Catholic Education.  In and around our St. Mary's community we have many wonderful, deserving children whose families are unable to financially support the cost of a Catholic Education.  However, it is the desire of this family and the child to have a Christ centered, safe, loving and academically challenging education.  Prayerfully considering giving the cost of a Catholic Tuition to a child in need.  The current Catholic Tuition is $7075, this scholarship can make the difference a child needs to succeed.  

To donate today please email

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