Middle School, Grades 6-8

At this level students are becoming more independent and are given experiences where they can accept more responsibility for their own learning under the guidance of supportive teachers. The curriculum is structured with respect for the transitional nature of this age student and their need for both guidance and autonomy.

The study of literature in the middle school covers all genres and gives the students an understanding of the nature of literature as well as how writers can reflect the times in which they live through their works. Process writing helps the students become better writers both mechanically and expressively. The social studies curriculum empowers the students to discover more about the world’s geography, its people, its resources and its history. The students then focus more directly on our own country’s history. Preparation for algebra is the basis for the middle school math program (Algebra I is offered to qualifying students). Instruction is differentiated as needed to address the needs of all students. In science, earth, life, and physical sciences are all taught, a different one being the focus each year. The students study both the New and the Old Testaments in their religion classes and the seventh and eighth grades prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. The middle school curriculum is complemented by instruction in music, art, physical education, foreign language, computer technology, and library sciences.

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