What is the School Advisory Board?

The School Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of 14 members who are parishioners of St. Mary of the Mills (SMS) Parish and/or parents of children in the school and at least one faculty member. The purpose of the SAB is to provide advice and assistance to the St. Mary of the Mills School’s Administrative Team, which is the Pastor, Principal, and Assistant Principal of SMS. The SAB fulfills its purpose and exercises its functions through the work of the standing committees (when enacted) in accordance with the vision, mission, and goals of the parish and school and with the goals, policies, and regulations of the Archdiocese of Washington.

SAB members should be at least eighteen years of age and qualified in professional areas that will enhance the resources available to the Administrative Team and the SAB. SAB members shall serve for a three-year term, not to exceed two consecutive terms. The SAB meets on a weeknight from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm about seven times during the school year.

The SAB is also supported by Standing Committees, to focus on: Planning, Policy, Finance and Development, Public Relations and Marketing, Evaluation, Nominations, Facilities, and Technology. These standing committees, chaired by current SAB members, may or may not, be utilized during a school year. 

Please feel free to review the SAB By-Laws.

If you would like more information about the SAB, please send an email to: sab@stmaryofthemills.org.

Thinking About Joining the SAB?

If you are interested in becoming an SAB member, or if you would like to nominate someone for the SAB (including yourself), please use our online SAB Nomination Form.

The form is easy to complete; the submitted form will be emailed to the SAB Nominations Committee and to the person submitting the form.

If you prefer, you may download a PDF version of the SAB Nomination Form and submit it manually.

Interested in Serving on one of our SAB Committees?

Serving on a School Advisory Board committee can be a great way to help make a meaningful difference in our school. Plus, it's a great way to keep in touch and stay connected.

Feel free to look over the information we have on our committees by reviewing the SAB Committee Recruiting Letter.

St. Mary of the Mills School Advisory Board Membership for the 2017-2018 School Year

Ex-officio Members

An ex-officio member is a member of a body (a board, committee, council, etc.) who is part of it by virtue of holding another office.

Administrative Team

  • Pastor - Father Anthony Lickteig
  • Principal - Mrs. Alisha Jordan
    • Send an email to Mrs. Jordan
  • Assistant Principal - Mrs. Tiffani James
    • Send an email to Mrs. James

Director of Development & Enrollment Management

  • Ms. Christina Maughlin
    • Send an email to Ms. Maughlin

HSA Representatives

  • Mrs. Anna Borchardt

Send an email to Mrs. Borchardt 

Executive Committee (Officers)

  • President - Mrs. Marie Raven
  • Vice President - Mr. Stephen Hubbard

Board Members

  • Mr. Mark Duvall
  • Mrs. Colenthia Malloy
  • Mr. Brian Pieslak

Faculty Representative

  • Mrs. Mary Gambogi

If you would like to communicate with a specific member of the SAB about matters pertaining to the school, please send an email to: sab@stmaryofthemills.org and be sure to address the individual with whom you wish to communicate.